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For over 20 years American PDR has surpassed customer expectations in the delivery of services to fix your vehicles needs ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The business was started because we wanted to provide quality services for a fair price and get away from a big business mentality.

What started as a dent repair company blossomed with the addition of paint repairs, interiors, bumpers, wheels and even a sister company, 1st Impressions Detailing, to handle all the requests. We are not a fly by night company and you will not run into us in the grocery store parking lot trying to follow you home to repair your car or to the ATM to get cash to pay for it.

Our dent technicians have over a century of combined experience and have almost all worked with us since the early 2000’s. Our paint technicians also have over century’s worth of combined experience and most have worked with us since we began providing that service. Our detailers have decades of experience and expertise and all have worked with us for years. All of our techs are dedicated to the pursuit of our mission to provide the best service in the quickest and most efficient manner for the lowest cost possible for each and every customer.

For most services, we can come to you at you convenience, at home or work, given an appropriate place to complete the work which minimizes your inconvenience and downtime. We service all makes and models and usually cost less than your deductible.

We are a local reputable small business with decade’s long customers and endless local references. We know we are only as good tomorrow as the work we do today!

American P.D.R. services areas in and surrounding DC, Maryland, and Virginia, (Northern Virginia)

Our Mobile Service Area is shown on the map below. 


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Full service mobile provider to:

Individuals, Rental Car companies, Dealership, Body shops, Lease returns, Wholesalers, Insurance Companies, Auctions



The list is endless and so are our efforts to satisfy our customers.

Fleets Welcome!

Private companies as well as local, state and federal governments.

American PDR prides itself in repairing the “unrepairable”

Damage comes in so many ways; a few common problems are

Another Car Door

Shopping Carts


Tree Branches





Someone Backing Into You

A Fist Or Knee

Walking On The Roof

The Famous “Jeep Dimple”



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