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FAQS: Answers to common questions!

1. Is PDR covered by standard auto insurance?

Many large insurance companies recognize PDR as an industry standard for exterior automotive repair. We will gladly work with your insurance company to manage any repair costs. Contact your insurance carrier directly to inquire about coverage. 

2. How much time is required for the average repair?

Many dents can be fixed while you wait. Most door dings can be repaired in under an hour. Call us to learn more.

3. How do I know whether PDR is right for me?

Not all dents can be fixed using PDR techniques; however, most damage where paint is not chipped or otherwise compromised, may qualify for PDR. Call to let us to determine if PDR is right for you. Call for a free estimate.

4. How many years of experience do the technicians at American P.D.R. have?

PDR technicians and owner have more than 20 years of experience.  See section on ‘About Us

5. How much will it cost?

Prices are lower than costs associated with traditional paint or filler based approaches to repair. Each repair is customized for the specific damage. Some factors that affect the cost of PDR include location, size, depth, and accessibility of the damage. Call us today for a free estimate.

6. What areas do you service?

American P.D.R. services areas in and surrounding DC, Maryland, and Virginia, (Northern Virginia)

7. Why keep the factory paint intact?

Factory finished paint may be more durable than non-factory paint finishes. Preserving the original paint often helps to retain the value of the vehicle. Furthermore, leaving the factory paint intact avoids potential for unsightly imperfects that may occur when paint matching.

8. Why use PDR?

See ‘Advantages of PDR’ below.

9. Do you work with body shops and dealerships? 

Yes. We offer service to local dealerships, body shops, rental agencies, leasing companies and more. Body shops use our services exclusively to repair damages or as a complement to their repair processes. Dealerships similarly recognize the value of PDR in maintaining both new and used vehicles to their highest quality.

10. What types of vehicles do you repair?

PDR techniques can be applied to all makes and models of vehicles.

11. Why choose us?

– Quality And Consistency
– Over 20 years of Experience
– Insured

Primary Advantages of PDR

NO CarFax with PDR!

What is a Carfax?

 Once your vehicle goes through the claim process and is repaired at a body shop, your vehicle is reported to CarFax. It’s a detailed history report about your vehicle. A smart buyer who looks at your vehicle history report may suspect your vehicle has been in an accident. This can jeopardize the sale of your vehicle and reduce the resale value significantly. With paintless dent removal, your vehicle maintains its factory finish without the cause n effect history report. In other words, no evidence is shown on either paper work or your vehicle’s finish.

Choosing Paintless Dent Removal is…


-Keep Your Original Factory Paint Coat Which Is By Far The Most Resilient Paint Coat 

-No Vehicle History Reporting (most paintless dent repairs are done without Insurance Claim)

-All Repairs Take Place At Your Location

-Save Your Valuable Time And Money

-Superior Repair Over Conventional Body Shop

-Convenience (Virtually No Vehicle Downtime)

-Protect The Resale Value Of Your Car (Diminished Value)

-Environmentally Friendly Repair Method