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5 Star Reviews:

Parker, at American PDR is a master at repairing paint and scratches. I could not have been more pleased with the success with which he was able to remove several significant blemishes that had accumulated on my wife’s Lexus IS350F. If you have dents that you need to have fixed then I would highly recommend American PDR.


Parker, Thanks again for the great job on the repair!

“During a recent visit to Costco my car was hit by a runaway shopping cart. It must have be moving at a good pace based on the depth of the scratches. I was hoping to have it repaired without using the typical body shop that wanted to remove the bumper and paint the whole fender and be in there for days!

I found ‘American PDR’ through a local dealership and met with Parker to evaluate if he could make the repair. He confirmed he could do it so we set an appointment. He came to my home to do the work and with an hour or so he was finished. I was really surprised at the results, it is impossible to tell there was ever a dent. Not only was cost for this repair much less than traditional methods, the fender still has the factory paint.

I can’t say enough good things about the results of Parker’s repair, he exceeded my expectations.”


Hi Parker,

Thank you again for taking the scratches out of my car yesterday, VERY much appreciated!

Parker is THE BEST! I had 2 scratches that were on my brand new car!
Assuming it was either impossible to remove or the cost of removing them would be a fortune… I was happily mistaken! Parker gave me a great deal, & my car now looks back to brand new. You can not see or tell at all my car once upon a time had damage. Thank you American PDR!


Hi Parker,

Sorry for the delay. Just wanted to write this short review:

“Parker is very talented and reliable. He does great work and keeps his appointments. He’s been taking care of my cars for years. I highly recommend him.”

It’s always nice to see you but I am hoping it won’t be for awhile till I need you. LOL.



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