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We offer Highest Quality Vehicle Repair and Convenience along with Great Savings.

For most services, we can come to you at you convenience, at home or work, given an appropriate place to complete the work which minimizes your inconvenience and downtime. We service all makes and models and usually cost less than your deductible.

Paint Repair/Bumpers

For small to medium areas of damage with paint involvement, scratches, cracked or scuffed bumpers.

Wet Sand, buff and touch up, clay bar, acid rain removal, paint restoration, ceramic paint protection

Light to moderate body damage repair (no collision)

Paint Repair including Pearl and Tri Stage

Airbrushing for motorcycles and other custom work


Bumper Repair and/or replacement with paint match

Panel replacement with paint match

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Dings, Dents, Creases, Hail/Acorn Damage, Extremely Large Dents to include caved in roofs.

The paintless dent repair process is the ideal solution to misshapen metal regardless of how it got there. The technician uses different methods to move metal back to its original position without paint or putty. It restores metal back to its pre-impact state without changing the structural integrity of your vehicle.

No paint, no bondo, faster and far less expensive than the body shop, no car fax, mobile, guaranteed.

Unlike other dent companies this service can be paired with our paint service if there is also damaged paint. Pairing the two will save a ton of time and money!

Detailing Services Make your vehicle look and smell new

Interior Services from simple shampooing of carpets and seats to restoration of old and worn leather, Stain and odor removal of all sorts including gas, fish, red dye, smoke

We also highly recommend our Fabric and Leather Protection to prevent future stains.

Interior Repair

Cigarette burn

Tears in fabric

Install heel pads

Exterior Detailing

Wheel Repair

Rim refinishing

Custom Paint

Matte Finishes

Headlight Restoration